The Final Update

It's the end of this adventure. Here's a recap.

Reporting from a drill

Photos and stories from my time in Guatemala

Two More Wells!

Find out all about the new wells.

3 Months On and 1 Well Built!

The first of four wells has been drilled. Check out all the details here.

The Story of the Thirsty

The story of the thirsty is not just about "them" - it is really about "us".

Facts About Water Issues

We can take access to clean water for granted. See what it's like around the globe.

Get Involved

There are so many ways to help. Start here to find out!

Millions of people around the world walk miles every day for dirty and deadly water. They don't have any other option. I have decided to walk across Wisconsin so some of them might have access to clean and life giving water! $20 provides clean water for one family for one year. Would you partner with me to change the lives of thousands of families?