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It's the end of this adventure. Here's a recap.

Reporting from a drill

Photos and stories from my time in Guatemala

Two More Wells!

Find out all about the new wells.

3 Months On and 1 Well Built!

The first of four wells has been drilled. Check out all the details here.

The Story of the Thirsty

The story of the thirsty is not just about "them" - it is really about "us".

Facts About Water Issues

We can take access to clean water for granted. See what it's like around the globe.

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day 3

75 miles done – that’s 1/3 of the 225 miles I’m planing on doing. And we’re at 32% of the $50k goal (so $16k). That’s about 3 communities who will be changed in amazing ways thanks to your support. We are talking HUNDREDS of people. I know it’s far short of the almost 1 billion that need clean water. Yet it matters to those communities. Small steps.

I did my first official marathon today (26.2m). To all my friends that run marathons: I salute you.

Speaking of saluting, I’ve meet some amazing people on the trails, many who have served in the armed forces and each of them had stories of the water conditions around the world – they know what it’s like, they have seen it first hand, and I’ve had people donating right then and there – and it’s been humbling.

It’s late so I’m going to sign off here. Below are few more photos (make sure you check out the few from days 1 and 2 if you haven’t already) AND TONIGHT a video of what we are trying to build (we have them all over the trails here!)

2 Responses to day 3

  1. Very impressed with your efforts Andy. Your helping others will be well accepted in addition to making others well.

  2. Hey Andy,

    Excited to hear about what you are doing to raise awareness of the water crisis. Your walk is inspiring and should help bring some attention to the need so many people worldwide have for the immediate need of clean water.

    This is an issue near to my heart also. I have partnered with Living Water International for the past two years and have established a clean water ministry at my church, Immanuel Lutheran Church in Mt. Horeb. It has been my priveledge to lead a mission team to Leon, Nicaragua last October to put in a fresh water well and we leave again in 3 weeks to put in another well; this time in Guatemala. My goal is to take a mission team each year on a journey to a country in Central America to bring water and the word to those that are thirsty.

    I have also started a yearly event in early May in Mt. Horeb called Walk for Water I invite community members to walk 2.5 K to an open water source with empty buckets and then walk back carrying the water. This helps people understand that women and children in many parts of the world do this every day. This event helps raise the $5000 it costs to put in the well that we actually help drill in these countries in Central America.

    I will call you this week and plan to catch up with you on your journey. I look forward to meeting you and seeing how we can work together to help this effort to raise awareness of the need for clean water. I would like to invite you to consider joining one of our well drilling mission trips in the future. I wish you safe travels.

    Together serving Christ,
    John Schmitt
    Cell # (608)575-3070

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