The Final Update

It's the end of this adventure. Here's a recap.

Reporting from a drill

Photos and stories from my time in Guatemala

Two More Wells!

Find out all about the new wells.

3 Months On and 1 Well Built!

The first of four wells has been drilled. Check out all the details here.

The Story of the Thirsty

The story of the thirsty is not just about "them" - it is really about "us".

Facts About Water Issues

We can take access to clean water for granted. See what it's like around the globe.

Get Involved

There are so many ways to help. Start here to find out!

details for the last day

Updated Wed Night:

So I’m ~218 miles in and have about ~12 to go.

Tomorrow I will start at 3pm from 124th and Forrest (basically by the railroad track bridge. Google Maps: It’s right next to Greenfield Park. We’ll head up to the Hank Aaron a few blocks north and take that to the Harley Museum, cross the bridge to Michigan Ave and take that to Discovery World and the Art Museum. I’ll walk along that path north past Veterans Park to McKinnley Beach and end there HOPEFULLY around 7pm (google maps:

After that (~7:30pm) we are going to Water Street Brewery to celebrate – for anyone interested in joining us. Could you please email Jessica at [email protected] so we can get a rough count? Thanks.

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS: you can email me at [email protected] OR if you’re trying to join me on the trail, call my cell: 262-649-1019.

What the map looks like:

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