I believe that we each have the ability to affect the world in great ways. I’m not out to change it completely, I’m out to make a difference in the lives of people I can, people I may never meet. Why? I believe in a love that is working toward the restoration of things that are broken, a love that seeks justice when things are unfair, a love that recognizes the worth of each living person. I thirst to know that love and to live a life that reflects that love. I’m so thankful to have this opportunity to push myself more than anything else I’ve ever done for the sake of others.

I stay busy all week thanks to my job as a wedding and portrait photographer.

I’m married to a beautiful woman, Jessica, who loves me and encourages me and without whom I’d not be able to pull this off.

After the walk, my goal is to join Living Water International in the field as a volunteer at a well site. I look forward to being able to witness firsthand the impact that we are making together. And probably take a few photos while I’m there.

I’ve been supporting the work of Living Water International for a few years now. It started one Christmas when I decided I didn’t need any more socks, ties or electronics. Instead I asked my family to donate money to people that really needed a gift – the gift of clean water.

Would you you consider partnering with me? Then please, head over to get involved to see what you can do!
photo by my friends at valophotography.com