What does clean water cost?

The amazing thing is that the cost to provide clean water to everyone is well within reach.

~$5k Shallow Well Shallow wells are drilled where the water table would be closer to the surface (typically a more tropical/rainy climate). They are about normally about 200ft deep (the height of the Leaning Tower of Pisa). ~$20k Deep Well Depending on the quality of the aquifer and depth of water, sometimes a deep well is needed to get fresh, clean water. The deep wells are normally needed in dry and arid climates. They can reach 1500ft (about the height of the Sears Tower). ~$3k Well Rehabilitation Getting an old well working again.

The costs include not just drilling the well, they also include: finding the water, training, hygiene education, and years of follow up to make sure the wells continue to provide life sustaining water.

Every dollar counts!

Together we can make a difference in the lives of people all over the world. $20 provides clean water to one family for one year. Click here to donate now!

(1) World Health Organization (link)
(2) Advent Conspiracy (link)