This May I’m walking across the state of Wisconsin to raise awareness and funds to provide clean water wells to people around the world who daily walk too far for dirty water. That is this site: the Walk for Clean Water.


Can a book help?

I was looking for a way to leverage photography as a way to changes people’s live by providing them with clean water. My wife suggested I make a book about water to sell and to donate the profits to the Walk for Clean Water. A great idea but I didn’t have a ton of photos of water from all over the world to really showcase water on a global scale (seeing as this is a global issue).

Only if it involves more people!

As I was training (read: walking) I had the idea: I can’t travel around the world but I know there are some amazing photographers out there who have been around the world – who even live around the world Why not create a book with them if they are up for it!

That’s where you come in!

How do you submit an image?

You submit your images of water; as many as you like, one at a time through this form (click on the “I’m ready to submit” to the left”).(If you have a bunch of images and it’s easier, feel free to throw together a quick gallery of some images and send me a link. I could always take a quick look through them and ask for a specific few to be submitted.) Images need to be submitted by Feb 29th. The sooner the better.

What should they be photos of?

The images have to be water related but can be varying in nature, location, subjects, compositions, etc. Clean water, dirty water, water with people, water in a glass in a studio, etc. A close up of water or a distant ocean. If it helps communicates the story of water on this planet, send it in!

Info on the book:

All of the images will be sorted through and a book will be designed with probably 80-120 images (~40-60 spreads). Depending on final cost to the consumer (it’d be nice to make about $10 per book and I don’t want to sell it for too much – I want people to buy it and be participating in bringing clean water to others). The book will be sold on a site like (I need to find the best vendor and best price still). The book will be sold for more than the cost of printing and all of the profits will go to Living Water International and to the goal of raising $50k for the Walk for Clean Water!

“I don’t know how to put this but I’m kind of a big deal.”

This will be promoted as a community created book. No one photographer’s name will be taken advantage of in marketing. So if you’re famous – it’s cool. You’re just a normal Joe here.

Will my image be used for sure?

Your image, as good as it might be, may not be chosen. There just might not be room, there may be some just like it, etc. I will let everyone know if their book was used or not.

Ok, then click here to submit an image.

Thank you for partnering with me to help others around the world!